RIP Anthony Grimes

As some may have already seen on Twitter or other channels, our friend Anthony Grimes (Raynes in #clojure IRC and elsewhere, @StRaynes on Twitter) has passed away.

The most immediate announcement of this came via Lance Bradley, one of Anthony's closer friends from the Clojure community:

Anthony's family set up a fundraiser to help with his final expenses, but people are going well beyond the target set there; in any case, the family would certainly appreciate any help you can offer:

If you don't know of Anthony, he was a constant inspiration and helping hand in Clojure's earlier days, especially in #clojure IRC where he tutored and encouraged people daily for years. He was also the creator or a significant contributor to dozens of Clojure projects, some of which I guarantee you still rely upon every day.

Anthony himself wrote about some of his history in the Clojure community, and also happened to recount at length the most significant memory I'll have of him, when we all helped to get a kind 16-year-old to the first Clojure Conj in 2010:

I have other memories of and about Anthony that I'd like to share, but not now, not yet. Of course, the family will be having a local service for him in their time and way. Because so many people around the world knew, worked with, and called Anthony a friend, I'm hoping we can all have an online/remote memorial (maybe an any-comers Hangout or something). That's just an idea at the moment, details TBD.

If you'd like to talk a bit about how Anthony influenced or inspired you, please feel free to; maybe on the clone of this blog post I put on the Clojure Google Group, maybe on Twitter (tack on #RIPRaynes maybe), or pop in to #clojure IRC, where Raynes first made us smile and think and learn.

Rest easy, dude.


— Chas