Update: I've shut down IMHO. It was amusing while it lasted, but it's clearly not a domain in which I have a fundamental interest. I hope you all enjoyed playing with it while it was among us!

I don't write stupid Twitter apps often…but when I do, they're really stupid. — Me, wearing a smoking jacket

I've always enjoyed Twitter, but I've never built an app of any kind around it, or done anything with Twitter data.  Insofar as that's roughly the modern equivalent of a 'hello world' program, I was perhaps lacking in some critical way.

Well, no longer.  I, too, have built a Stupid Twitter App™: go check out IMHO (or its companion Twitter handle, @IMHO)!

logo-med-darkWhile Twitter has many roles — some quite important — everyone uses it as a dumping ground for their opinions.  IMHO (a common Internet colloquialism meaning "in my humble opinion") will maybe provide an entertaining and perhaps informative view of those opinions, in aggregate.  I've seeded the site with just short of 2 million opinions culled from an archive of 90 million tweets; but, from here on out, new opinions will only be added if they are tweeted at @IMHO, like so:

.@IMHO The Celtics will get revenge next year!

Through a combination of some crude natural language processing and a lot of hard-working squirrels, opinions are parsed and indexed by their subject/topic.  Oh, but leave your nuanced stances at the door: only simpler, discrete assertions will be recognized.  Madness?  No, this is Twitter!

Right now, only reverse-chronological listings of opinions are available (far more interesting visualizations are of course close at hand); perhaps I'm just that puerile, but I've found even that simplistic view entertaining enough for now.  Check out some popular/contentious topics:

There's plenty of snort-worthy gems in there, if you care to go fishing.  Again, some better UI will make it easier to surface them, which will be added if the service catches on in any way.  So, if you have an opinion you're going to put on Twitter, put a .@IMHO on it.