Consulting services & expertise-for-hire

I hear you or your team is struggling a bit; the rumors are flying, and I'm not sure what to believe, but maybe I can help.

I've been programming in Clojure full-time for over five years now (and Java for ~15 years, along with Python and Scala and C and C# along the way).  I have contributed significantly to Clojure itself and to the ecosystem around it; you can view some of my work on github, but you may find this view of my projects — both open source and commercial — more useful.

In addition, I am the coauthor of Clojure Programming from O'Reilly, published earlier this year (which has thankfully gone on to receive generally positive reviews).

If it would be helpful, my LinkedIn profile provides a more narrative description of my work history, areas of interest, and other activities.

Hopefully it's clear that I generally know my way around certain areas of the programming world.  Beyond that, I have brought multiple products and services (both enterprisey- and consumer-oriented in nature) to market with teams as well as on my own, so there's little that's off limits for me in the areas of technology, design, marketing, sales, and management.

I am currently available to provide short-term advising, training, and consulting services to help projects and teams succeed and excel.

If this sounds appealing and/or useful to you now or in the future, or if you have any questions about me, my background, and so on, please get in touch.