My projects, present and past

Current foci

Updated 2014 Aug 29.

My obsession over the last ~2 years is the Quilt Project., of which I am (finally!) ready to start releasing various bits. As long as I am able, I hope to continue obsessing over it! Head on over, and put your email address in the bucket (or follow @QuiltProject on twitter) to learn more when it drops.

Besides Quilt, see below. Rather than leaving interested parties to spelunk through my GitHub page to get a sense of what I do and have done (have at it if you like), I thought I'd provide a quick rundown of the software projects I'm working on now or have worked on in the recent past.

Commercial / closed source

Open source

Listed mostly in order of my own sense of my level of participation / "ownership" / "impact" at the time I updated this last…

Previous open source contributions

Stuff that I've contributed to in the past (and generally still use), but I'm not actively contributing anymore for whatever reason…

Of course, this is far from comprehensive.  But, if you care, maybe it's enough to get a sense of what I do most of the time.