State of Clojure, 2011: What questions do you have?

Update: The 2011 State of Clojure survey is now open.

I just realized that I'm running a tad behind in setting up this year's State of Clojure survey!

The first State of Clojure survey, which I ran in June of last year, provided a useful view of how Clojure was being used, what directions the Clojure community wanted to see the language move in, and who the community was in very broad terms.

I'm now setting up for this year's survey, and wanted to ask: what questions do you think I should ask?

For reference, I asked ten questions last year (see the results post for what the various answers were):

  1. For how long have you been using Clojure?
  2. How would you characterize your use of Clojure *today*?
  3. What is the status of Clojure in your workplace?
  4. What language did you use just prior to adopting Clojure -- or, if Clojure is not your primary language now, what is that primary language?
  5. What do you think is Clojure's most glaring weakness / blind spot / problem?
  6. If Clojure disappeared tomorrow, what language(s) might you use as a "replacement"?
  7. In which domain(s) are you using Clojure?
  8. Clojure is primarily a JVM-hosted language.  Which other platform(s) would you be interested in using Clojure on, given a mature implementation?
  9. Which environment(s) (i.e. IDEs/editors) do you use to work with Clojure?
  10. What questions would you like to see added?  What answers would you like to see added to the old questions?

I'm planning on starting the survey next Monday, the 13th of June, so get your suggestions in early!