jsdifflib now on Github

jsdifflib is a Javascript library that provides:

  1. a partial reimplementation of Python’s difflib module (specifically, the SequenceMatcher class)
  2. a visual diff view generator, that offers side-by-side as well as inline formatting of file data

Some years ago, I needed a good in-browser visual diff tool, and couldn’t find anything suitable.  So, I built jsdifflib in 2007 and open-sourced it soon thereafter.

It's apparently been used a fair bit by others, even though I cruelly sequestered it on one of Snowtide's web servers for years (sorry, but Github wasn't around and I had little patience for SourceForge).  I've promised to put the source somewhere more useful many times, but have unfortunately only just gotten around to it today: jsdifflib is now on github.

I've not used the library in some time, but it still works well enough.  Send in your patches if you have 'em.