Clojure Atlas (Preview!)

Today, I'm opening up a "preview" site for Clojure Atlas, a new side project of mine that I'm particularly excited about.

Clojure Atlas is an experiment in visualizing a programming language and its standard library.  I've long been frustrated with the limitations of text in programming, and this is my attempt to do something about it.  From the site:

While Clojure Atlas has a number of raisons d'être, it fundamentally exists because I've consistently thought that typical programming language and API references – being, in general, walls of text and alphabetized links – are really poor at conveying the most important information: not the minutiae of function signatures and class hierarchies, but the stuff that's "between the lines", the context and interrelationships between such things that too often are only discovered and internalized by bumping into them in the course of programming. This is especially true if we're learning a language and its libraries (really, a never-ending process given the march of progress), and what's standing in our way is not, for example, being able to easily access the documentation or signature for a particular known function, but discovering the mere existence of a previously-unknown function that is perfect for our needs at a given moment.

This is just a preview – all sizzle and no steak, as it were.  I'm working away at the ontology that drives the visualization and user experience, but I want to get some more early (quiet) feedback from a few folks to make sure I'm not committing egregious sins in various ways before throwing open the doors to the world.

In the meantime, if you're really interested, follow @ClojureAtlas, and/or sign up for email updates on the site.