New Year's PDFTextStream Sale!

This morning, we put some limited-time-only discounts into place for PDFTextStream to celebrate the new year. You can now purchase PDFTextStream server deployment licenses for as little as $999 USD (optionally with Premium Support). These licenses carry no CPU restriction, so you can use them on your 1CPU development box or your 64-CPU Superdome. And, as always, you can use the same license under Java, Python, or .NET. This sale starts today, and ends on January 31, 2007. You can place your order here (with payments handled by Google Checkout). This is quite a deal — these unlimited-CPU server licenses usually cost $13,750 USD. That’s quite an insane discount, but I thought it was worth the chance. Theoretically, this will create a little buzz, increase our customer list by quite a bit, and maybe expose a different class of users to PDFTextStream that might have previously written it off because of its admittedly high (normal) price tag. This is also a decent pricing experiment. We’ve never done much experimentation in the area of pricing, so we’ll now have one more data point on our demand curve (as described brilliantly by Joel). I don’t think that this particular experiment will have any lasting effect on our pricing for PDFTextStream, but it will be an interesting exercise nonetheless.