I <3 Guy Kawasaki

I might write more about specifics, but I wanted to get this link out there.  I only now came across Guy Kawasaki’s entreprenuership video series hosted by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.  It’s from 2004, so I’m probably the last software company owner to “discover” it, but I’m glad I did nonetheless. I’ve long discounted Guy as “that Mac evangelist from way back” — to my detriment.  He’s really putting some great content and great ideas out there, regardless of what some may think of how he comes off personally.  There are so many aspects of these clips that resonate with my personal experience of launching Snowtide, seeing it fail, and then relaunching it again two years ago (and thankfully seeing it soar this time!).  That kind of connection-at-a-distance is rare, and really valuable, so I’ll certainly be keeping up with (and catching up with) Guy’s doings from now on.