Blog stuff

Notes on general housekeeping around here. Just an FYI — we’ve begun to slowly improve the technical side of this blog. The feeds are now no longer running a day behind new posts, and there are actual ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links at the bottom of the main blog view. It’s the little things, right? For those that are interested, this blog is run on Quills, a blog product for Plone (the Zope CMS that handles most of the dirty work of keeping our site humming nicely). Quills is a decent blog platform, probably the best that is out there for Plone. I originally learned of it from Tom Lazar’s blog, which also uses Quills. Some might say that we should have a ‘Quills Powered’ badge on here somewhere, but truth be told, we’ve rewritten about 1/2 of the product (most of the page templates). It provides a nice object model, but the presentation simply does not work for us out of the box at all, and much of it really doesn’t make much sense to me (the structure of the archive pages, in particular). Shipping our improvements over to the Quills folks is probably a good idea (best to not gripe without pitching in and all that), but a *ton* of cleanup would be required to make it usable outside of our site again. There’s just not enough time in the day.