Totally flattened

The past 10 days have been just nuts. When it rains, it’s buckets. We got hit last week with serious inquiries from a half a dozen very large organizations — a good mix of governmental, corporate, and nonprofit/research. Each of them already had a grasp of what PDFTextStream could mean to them and their projects, especially on the performance and text extraction quality fronts. However, each of them also were looking for some broader extraction functionality: bookmarks, annotations, tagged PDF structures, etc. This is stuff we were already working on and planning to add into the mix, but these new requests certainly kicked the pace up quite a bit. Some of it was pretty quick and easy to finish up and move into beta phase — that will find its way into released versions very soon. Other stuff is a little harder though, to put it mildly: OCR of text in images in PDF’s, decryption of digitally-signed documents, and other higher-order functionality. Again, all stuff we’ve been positioning ourselves to jump on, but when there’s fish to fry, we all start cooking a little faster. (Now’s when you’re supposed to groan at the horrible pun….) So, we're definitely busy. Now, who said software slowed down in the summer?